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Abanaki's New Ultra-Mini Oil Skimmer

Posted by Tom Hobson on Jun 12, 2014 5:22:39 AM
The Oil Skimmer Facts Tutorial Handbook is the industry’s leading guide on oil skimming solutions. Learn how to properly size/select a skimmer as well as learn about all the aspects to consider in every application. Click here and receive your free copy now!
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Coolant Maintenance Importance

Posted by Tom Hobson on Mar 27, 2014 4:22:36 AM
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Machine Center Skimmer Solves Two Problems in One Application

Posted by Tom Hobson on Mar 20, 2014 9:04:43 AM
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Coolant Maintenance Achieved for UK Manufacturer

Posted by Tom Hobson on Dec 19, 2013 5:10:19 AM

A UK manufacturer was in the market for a way to clean its coolant. An employee at the facility had been informed of the benefits of using the Abanaki Coolescer for coolant cleaning purposes. Plant operators decided to use the Coolescer on one of its machines that desperately needed its coolant cleaned. The approach was, if the Coolescer could clean this particular machine’s coolant, it could clean anything.

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Coolant Maintenance Made Easy With The Mighty Mini

Posted by Tom Hobson on Nov 19, 2013 4:45:33 AM
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Choosing the Right Oil Skimmer Achieves Better Oil Collection Rates

Posted by Tom Hobson on Sep 5, 2013 6:11:56 AM

Choosing the right oil skimmer may improve the oil collection rate depending on the application. In a parts washer application, a belt skimmer is usually the best choice because of its small footprint and its ability to use various belt types to handle harsh conditions. Shallow wastewater sumps may have less than one foot of water, requiring a tube type oil skimmer that uses a tube that can float on the surface and collect the oil without bottoming out. Standard coolant sumps may be able to be cleaned up with an inexpensive disk skimmer while other sumps may have very little access. Some sumps can only be accessed with an oil skimmer that can bolt to the side of the tank and have a tube access the sump through a cutout in the side of the tank. If you're not sure which skimmer would best suit your plant's application, contact an Abanaki's sales rep today and they'll help determine which oil skimmer is right for your application! Or click the photo below to launch our Oil Skimmer Selection guide and click the X that fits your application to find out what skimmer is best for you.

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Ohio Manufacturer Saves on Coolant Costs!

Posted by Tom Hobson on Jun 24, 2013 5:16:35 AM

An Ohio Manufacturer was facing a problem at its multiple machining centers were becoming contaminated with tramp oil. The plant manager was concerned with rising disposal and replacement costs for the five machining centers. With coolant needing to be replaced in the tank every three months, Hahn Manufacturing contacted Abanaki to find a solution to its troublesome coolant costs. After further inspection, it was suggested that Hahn use Abanaki’s Mighty Mini SST Oil Skimmer. This skimmer can remove one to two gallons of medium weight oil per hour. The stainless steel construction enables it to operate in harsh chemicals and heat, while the integrated timer lets it run only when needed. It is designed to reduce water content in the disposed oil. Its compact size allows it to fit almost anywhere.

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Tube Skimmer Provides Small Solution to a Big Problem

Posted by Tom Hobson on Oct 23, 2012 4:48:51 AM

Many of the machining centers built today have limited access to the coolant sump. This presents an interesting challenge to plant maintenance personnel on how to remove the oil from the coolant sump in their machine. They need a small solution to a big problem; a tube skimmer like the Tubetastic is the perfect fit. The tube skimmer has a small footprint and an even smaller mounting arrangement. There is a small lip on the front of the tube skimmer that allows you to easily mount the skimmer on even the most limited-access tank. The tube skimmer has an oleophilic tube that snakes into your machining center and removes the oil from your coolant. Keeping coolant clean is important in reducing shop odors and will make coolant last longer. See how the Tubetastic tube skimmer works in this animated demonstration.

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Too Much Water in Your Oil Skimmer?

Posted by Tom Hobson on May 3, 2012 5:17:51 AM


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Coolant Skimmers Can Help Extend the Life of Your Coolant

Posted by Tom Hobson on Apr 26, 2012 5:43:11 AM


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