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The Oil Boss is here!

Posted by Tom Hobson on Jun 24, 2016 4:12:33 PM

Oil_Boss_Front.jpgAbanaki Corporation, the world leader in oil skimming technologies, announces the addition of the Oil Boss® Oil Skimmer to its extensive coolant maintenance product line. The Oil Boss solves problems that have plagued regular skimmers in machine shops.

No tubes, mops, disks, or belts or wear out. The filtration media is easily washed out and reused.

Eliminate oil containers on the shop floor. The Oil Boss Oil Skimmer uses patent-pending Magni-Cling™ technology to cling to the side of machines. Keep aisles free of clutter and avoid the risk of kicking containers and causing spills.

Pick up hard-to-remove oils that conventional skimmers leave behind. The Oil Boss’s unique Surface Sucker™ removes all floating oils. A small footprint fits very tight sumps.

Keeping coolant clean is imperative. Dirty coolant can generate smoke, that all too familiar “rotten egg” smell, and bacterial issues, which can become a health hazard to shop workers. The Oil Boss skimmer keeps coolant free of oil and extends tool and coolant life.

The Oil Boss coolant skimmer pumps oil-laden fluid from the sump through a chip-blocking pre-filter to the inlet valve. From there, it passes through coalescing media that separates the oil from the coolant. Clean coolant returns to the sump. Skimmed oil is held in a containment area until the operator easily removes the oil via the discharge tap.

Magni-Cling technology enables the skimmer to cling to a metal surface. This approach allows for flexibility, because users can clean one machine sump and then easily move the skimmer to another machine. The skimmer is also reversible, which allows it to work within the layout of any shop without tubes and cords becoming tangled. In addition, it can be placed at eye level for convenient inspection.

The Oil Boss is available now. To order, call us at +1 (440) 543-7400 or toll-free               (800) 358-7546, e-mail us at skimmers@abanaki.com, or click below to request a brochure or a quote.

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