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Posted by Tom Hobson on Apr 23, 2019 10:01:57 AM

Dirty coolant often generates smoke, that all too familiar “rotten egg” smell, and bacterial issues that can become a health hazard to shop workers. Disposing of oil laden coolant is expensive and the continual maintenance needed to remove it can cut into production time. Unfortunately, conventional methods can be messy and require oil receptacles, like a small can, to sit next to the machine. Who wants to worry about tripping over an oil can in the middle of a busy day?

Abanaki's Oil Boss with “Constant Flow Facilitator”

Abanaki’s Oil Boss oil skimmer provides cost savings by removing unwanted tramp oil prolonging the life of the coolant. The patent-pending Oil Boss is designed for CNC machines offering passive tramp oil removal. This high-capacity-unit  constantly removes and discharges unwanted oil from the coolant. The unit uses a specially-designed “Constant Flow Facilitator” automatically discharging the tramp oil as it is collects on the coolant. The “Constant Flow Facilitator” eliminates the need to remove oil manually. 

Magni-Cling Technology Oil Skimmer

The revolutionary Oil Boss eliminated the mess and the clutter. The patent pending design allows the unit to cling on to the side, keeping the floor clean and clear. The Oil Boss comes equipped with Magni-Cling technology, which allows it to be hung from any metal surface in the shop. The magnetic backing allows for easy on/off portability, allowing you to clean all the sumps on site.

Oil Removing Process with Abanaki Oil Boss

Oil laden fluid is pumped up from the sump through the inlet valve of the Oil Boss. From there, the fluid passes through a media system, slowing the flow and allowing the oil to be filtered. The clean fluid passes through a second chamber and back to the sump below, leaving your tank with cleaner fluid in no time at all! The filtered oil can be easily discharged for clean and easy removal. In some instances, companies may be able to re-use the skimmed oil elsewhere or sell it for recycling, choosing to keep their part of the world cleaner. The Oil Boss is also reversible, which allows it to work within the layout of your shop without tubes and cords becoming tangled. The sleek design allows for simple, efficient, and clean oil removal.

Advantages of Abanaki Oil Boss

The Oil Boss is an innovative tool that keeps coolant free of oil and ultimately extends tool and coolant life. Additionally, it reduces expenses that would typically be used on maintenance and disposal.

  • No tubes, mops, disks, or belts or wear out. 
  • Magnetic base allows for installation anywhere in the shop
  • Complete reversibility
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Oil is easily collected
  • Requires no floor space
  • Easy to empty and clean
  • Minimal maintenance

 Get the brochure for more information on the money-saving design.

Oil Boss Brochure


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