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Posted by Tom Hobson on Dec 16, 2021 9:13:58 AM

When deciding on what oil skimmer is right for your application, there are many things that need to be considered and addressed before purchasing. Knowing what size skimmer to buy all depends on specifics of the application at hand. If you think buying the biggest skimmer available is the right choice because it will get the job done faster or buying the smallest skimmer will be more cost-effective, then you would be a fool. Don’t be a fool. Let us help you pick out the right size!model 8 in use

Size of the Skimmed Area

First thing to remember when selecting a size is that oil skimmers should be selected by the size of the area that needs to be skimmed, not just by the amount of oil needing to be removed. Choosing an oil skimmer that has the capacity to remove at least 2 times the capacity needed by the application should be the deciding factor.

Other Factors to be Considered

Oil skimmer capacities are based on optimum conditions and homogeneity of oil. Viscosity, temperature of the water, and other factors can affect the amount of hydrocarbons picked up by an oil skimmer, and thus need to be taken into consideration.

Belts-TubeC-HR-300x213Plus, you need the proper media on your skimmer in order to ensure the best results. And if you think all belt types or materials operate the same or that simply picking the cheapest option will suffice, you’re wrong and you’d be setting yourself up for failure. You can have a skimmer that is top of the line, but if you have the wrong belt, tube, or disc material on it then it won’t matter how great of a skimmer you have in that tank. Your results will be less than stellar.

It is impossible to accurately predict how fast your oil will be picked up. So don’t even try, wise guy.

The most important rule to follow when choosing a size is to purchase a skimmer that is rated at least twice the capacity needed. If you’re still having questions download our 7 Pitfalls of Oil Skimming. This handy guidebook helps you through the sizing and buying process.

How to Successfully Implement Oil Skimmers


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