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Posted by Tom Hobson on Sep 28, 2020 2:15:00 PM

Abanaki September 2020 Blogs#8What is the maximum amount of oil to be removed, and the shortest period of time available to do it? Capacity should be based on the maximum amount of oil to be removed within the shortest available time. For instance, total oil influx may be 200 gallons in a 24-hour period, which averages about 8.3 gallons per hour. But if most of it comes during a single 8-hour plant shift, you will probably need a removal rate that is three times as high, especially if you are trying to prevent an unwanted discharge of contaminated water to a sewer system. As a rule-of-thumb, specify approximately twice the maximum capacity you anticipate needing for normal conditions.

Oil Skimmer Belt, Tube, and Disk type

Abanaki September 2020 Blogs#10Capacity is not affected by length. Choose a length that: assures contact with the liquid at its lowest level; allows easy mounting of the oil skimmer where oil discharge is convenient; and has good access for routine service. Abanaki’s ability to supply oil skimmers with long belts, and lift skimmed oil well over 100 feet with no loss in capacity or efficiency, is important to many users.

The chart below indicates the appropriate belt for the most common applications. The guidelines below are general, actual performance of the belts will depend on the variables of each application. Heat, for example, increases a belt’s sensitivity to pH levels.

Abanaki September 2020 Blogs#4

Wiper Blades

Abanaki September 2020 Blogs#9Abanaki offers different materials to suit a variety of operating conditions. The standard is Nitrile (also known as Buna-N), which is appropriate for about 80% of all applications. Optional materials are designed for applications with harsh operating conditions. The materials include: CRV (very high chemical resistance), ceramic hybrid (excellent lubricity and moderate chemical resistance), and stainless steel wipers.

What type of wiper blades are the best? The charts below illustrate characteristics of each material.

Abanaki September 2020 Blogs#5

Abanaki September 2020 Blogs#6

Motor Types

Abanaki September 2020 Blogs#12All Abanaki oil skimmers are designed with standard, industrially rated, continuous duty motors and fully enclosed speed reducing drives. Most of these oil skimmers can be specified with the following motor options:

  • Any standard or exceptional electrical requirement
  • Explosion proof
  • Drip proof
  • Tropicalized
  • Dirty duty
  • Food service
  • Wash down duty
  • DC motors
  • ATEX/European motors

What type of motor do you require? The following are the standard motors available with Abanaki belt oil skimmers:

Abanaki September 2020 Blogs#7

Optional Components

Abanaki offers various options to adapt to different applications. Some of the most common options are listed below:

  • Mounting Stands
  • Concentrators
  • Heated Decanter
  • Yokes and Chains
  • Heater Hood for Outdoor
  • Belt Retainer

Understanding and choosing the appropriate oil skimmers components can be difficult. If you are faced with an unusual requirement, contact us about the availability of special motors, controls and drive components.

To learn more about oil skimmers, please contact our experts at 440-543-7400 or visit our website: www.abanaki.com

Abanaki Model 8 Belt Skimmer in Operation

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