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Unfamiliar with DNAPLs? Read our guide and find out more!

Posted by Tom Hobson on Jan 23, 2017 8:15:00 AM

We understand the difficulties in treating a variety of pollutants in groundwater. Dense non-aqueous phase liquids, or DNAPLs, can be extremely tricky to treat. Creosote, coal tar, and many other heavy pollutants can sit at the bottom of groundwater aquifers or sump tanks and release additional pollutants. How should one resolve these issues? Read more about the latest white paper:

DNAPL A Threat? 9 Ways to Treat DNAPLs!DNAPL Front2.jpg

to learn more about the mysterious and fascinating world of DNAPL remediation!

In this white paper, we detail the basics of DNAPLs and DNAPL recovery methods, including which environments work best with what methods and which remediation techniques fit specific DNAPLs or conditions. 

Want to learn more? Click on the button below and fill your brain with DNAPL knowledge!

Get Your DNAPL Remediation Guide

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