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Posted by Tom Hobson on Sep 26, 2023 2:15:00 PM

Tramp oil represents a formidable challenge for modern machining centers, and its repercussions extend far beyond the confines of the workshop floor. This insidious contaminant can mar the very appearance of finished parts, tarnishing the precision and quality that machining processes strive to achieve.Oil Boss Before - Kirsan-1 

Moreover, tramp oil poses a dual threat to the well-being of workers; not only can it lead to skin conditions through prolonged exposure, but it can also permeate the workspace with a haze of smoke, creating a hazardous environmental atmosphere. This issue is compounded by a significant shift in the design of machining centers in recent years, which often feature limited access to the coolant sumps, making the effective removal of tramp oil a daunting dilemma that demands innovative solutions to maintain both productivity and worker safety.

The conundrum lies in the question: how can one efficiently extract oil from a coolant sump when access is severely restricted? This challenge underscores the pressing need for ingenious methods and specialized equipment tailored to these modern machining environments.

Abanaki Small Tube Skimmer

Indeed, a small tube skimmer, such as Abanaki's Tubetastic!®, holds promise as an ideal solution for this predicament. Its compact design and versatility make it well-suited to effectively remove tramp oil from coolant sumps, even in machining centers with limited access.BlogFeb23

The Tubetastic! features an oleophilic tube that carefully navigates into your machining center, skillfully extracting oil from the coolant's surface. It offers versatile installation options, allowing attachment to the tank lip or seamless entry through a slot in the machine's side. Moreover, it boasts an impressive oil removal capacity, with the ability to eliminate as much as 1.5 gallons per hour (gph) of oil from the cutting fluid's surface, making it well-equipped to tackle virtually any tramp oil issue.

This efficient machine also incorporates a 50/60hz fan-cooled, continuous-duty motor, available in both 110v and 220v options, ensuring reliable and consistent performance. Additionally, it is equipped with standard collector tubes that offer reaches of 8 inches, 12 inches, 18 inches, or 24 inches, with the possibility of extending the length for specific needs.

How to Select the Best Quality Tube Oil Skimmers

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