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Posted by Tom Hobson on Jul 30, 2021 9:14:34 AM

Coolant skimmers typically don’t come attached to CNC machines when they are newly bought. This is because nobody wants to admit that the brand-new machine is eventually going to leak oil into the coolant. This looks good on paper, but there is a reason why so many coolant skimmers are bought annually. CNC machines are bound to have at least a small amount of oil leaking into the coolant at some point. The skimmer will remove this oil from the top of the coolant for disposal. Without some type of coolant skimmer, the coolant life will be dramatically decreased. These small coolant skimmers will save you money throughout the operational life of your CNC machine. Oil Boss Before - Kirsan-1

Coolant skimmers can really help in extending the life of your costly coolant. Coolant skimmers help remove oils that leak from machines or parts to keep your coolant clean. By removing the oil with coolant skimmer, you can significantly increase the life of your coolant. 

So, is your product quality being affected by floating oil? Have you asked yourself how you remove oil from water effectively and efficiently?

Abanaki’s Oil Boss Oil Skimmer

One of the best coolant skimmers of Abanaki coolant maintenance line is Abanaki’s Oil Boss Oil Skimmer. This high-capacity unit constantly removes and discharges unwanted oil from the coolant that is compromising your product quality, reducing your coolant life, and stinking up the shop. The unit uses a specially designed “Constant Flow Facilitator” that automatically discharges the tramp oil skimmed from the coolant. The “Constant Flow Facilitator” eliminates the need to manually remove the collect oil. Oil Boss 1-Man Solutions of Minnesota

Benefits of Oil Boss Oil Skimmer

We have been providing oil skimmers for years to machine shops and manufacturers across the globe and they have proven to be both reliable and cost-effective. Abanaki's Oil Boss is an innovative tool for keeping coolant free of oil. The patent-pending design allows for easy visual inspection of your coolant’s condition; and will also help extend tool and coolant life. It will decrease loss of production and maintenance time. And it will allow for easy cleaning of various sumps or tanks around any plant or shop due to its portability and magnetic base. The Oil Boss has a small footprint that reduces the amount of clutter and equipment on the shop floor.

To learn more about oil skimmers, please contact our experts at 440-543-7400 or visit our website: www.abanaki.com

Watch this video to see how to remove a higher amount of tramp oil.

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