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Posted by Tom Hobson on Jul 31, 2023 4:28:52 PM

IMG_0477-952363-editedThe removal of oil from water is a vital stage that numerous industries must undertake during their manufacturing processes. Whether motivated by adherence to government regulations and the avoidance of penalties, or driven by the desire to reduce disposal expenses, employing oil skimmers to extract oil from water offers companies a host of valuable benefits.

Reasons to Remove Oil from Water

Here are six reasons why manufacturers need to remove oil from water and how Abanaki oil Skimming technologies offer a cost-effective solution.

1. Used motor oil can contaminate millions of gallons of fresh water.

A gallon of used motor oil can contaminate one million gallons of fresh water. This highlights the significant danger of improper disposal or leakage, which can harm aquatic ecosystems, endanger aquatic life, and threaten drinking water sources. Responsible handling and recycling of used motor oil are crucial to protect our water resources and the environment for future generations.

2. The U.S. produces billions of gallons of waste oil each year, and millions are improperly disposed.

Each year, the United States produces an astounding number of billions of gallons of waste oil. Amid this vast quantity, there is a concerning portion amounting to millions of gallons that unfortunately do not undergo proper disposal practices. This mismanagement of waste oil can have severe consequences for the environment, as improper disposal may lead to soil and water contamination, posing significant risks to ecosystems and human health alike.pexels-helio-dilolwa-7721338

3. Sources of oily wastewater

Oily wastewater stems from various sources and consists of exhausted oil emulsions from machine tools, used coolants, water utilized in parts washing, and grease from food processing, among other contributors. Machine tools often generate oil emulsions as a byproduct of their operation, while used coolants and wastewater from parts washing can become contaminated with oil residues. In the food processing industry, the presence of grease and oils further contributes to the creation of oily wastewater.

4. Dumping oily wastewater into a storm sewer

The act of disposing of oily wastewater into a storm sewer is a grave offense with severe consequences. Engaging in such unlawful practices could result in individuals facing significant penalties, including the possibility of being sentenced to several years in prison and/or facing substantial fines.

5. Hiring a licensed disposal firm to haul away and treat oily wastewater

For larger manufacturers, opting to hire a licensed disposal firm to haul away and treat oily wastewater or coolant can result in substantial monthly expenses, amounting to thousands of dollars. The costs associated with such specialized services stem from the complexities involved in handling and treating hazardous substances like oily wastewater, which require adherence to strict environmental regulations and specialized equipment.

6. Oil skimmer technology can dramatically reduce the water content of waste oil that must be disposed of or recycled.

multi belt 5 x 8 ak steelOil skimmer technology represents a groundbreaking solution capable of significantly reducing the water content present in waste oil that requires disposal or recycling. By employing sophisticated oil skimmers, industries can efficiently separate and remove the oil from water, thereby streamlining the waste management process and minimizing the volume of waste oil that needs handling.

Oil and water don’t mix,” a statement that manufacturers in a variety of industries have come to learn the hard way. Oil skimming technologies offer an environmentally safe, highly economical approach to separating oil and water prior to disposal.

How to Successfully Implement Oil Skimmers

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