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Too Much Water in Your Oil Skimmer?

Posted by Tom Hobson on May 3, 2012 5:17:51 AM


Sometimes there are situations where your oil skimmer will collect water. If you are running your skimmer 24/7 and the tank or pit runs out of oil, your skimmer will pick up whatever is remaing in the tank, and most of the time that will be water or coolant. There is a way to prevent this and that is by utilizing an oil water sperator/concentrator in conjuction with your oil skimmer. The oil water conentrator attaches to the skimmer and helps in further separating the water/coolant from your oil. This unit is placed on the back of the skimmer. The skimmed material is drained into the concentrator and then it separates the water from oil. You can then drain the water back into the tank or well through one hose, and the oil drains from another. So, next time you’re wondering how to increase the efficiency of your oil skimmer, take a look at the oil water concentrator to help solve your dilemma.

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