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Oil Skimming Myths Exposed!

Posted by Tom Hobson on Feb 18, 2014 4:52:05 AM

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Myth: Belt oil skimmers and oil skimming does not collect all types of oil.

Fact: Belt oil skimmers and oil skimming will collect all types of oil including all free floating oils, LNAPLS, DNAPLS, and some emulsifications. There are various belt materials appropriate for any type of hydrocarbon removal.

Oil Skimming Tip: There are several things to consider when choosing a belt for your oil skimmer. Some plastics won’t stand up to heat or strong chemicals. Some metal belts won’t skim well from coolants due to rust inhibitors being present. Certain plastic belts don’t last in heated applications while others do. It is very important to choose a good oil skimmer vendor and inform them of the details of your application so they can provide assistance in choosing the proper belt material.

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