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Early Bird Gets the Oil Skimmer

Posted by Tom Hobson on May 8, 2015 6:11:00 AM


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Recently a UK beverage production customer called us with a very unique oil skimming problem. The customer currently uses a PetroXtractor Oil Skimmer in the outdoor portion of its facility. The PetroXtractor is necessary for groundwater remediation purposes and to help the facility stay in compliance with the environmental government services.

Plant operators were planning on moving the PetroXtractor to a different well on the property, but they ran into some trouble when they went to move it. A robin had made a nest inside the PetroXtractor and was sitting on eggs! They did not want to disturb the bird, but also needed to get a skimmer to the new well. They called Abanaki for some oil skimmer and bird advice.

Abanaki suggested the company purchase a PetroXractor with an enclosure to house the oil skimmer. Often times these enclosures are used by customers that want to keep the skimmer and groundwater remediation operation safe from tampering or the elements, but in this case it would prevent nature from making a home in the oil skimmer. They come in two sizes and can be locked if needed. Depending on the enclosure size chosen, a 30-55 gallon drum can also fit inside the enclosure with the skimmer.

Solar PetroXtractor oil skimmer

With the purchase of the new PetroXtractor with the enclosure, the company was able to successfully continue its remediation process at the other well on the property and keep nature from making a home in it. Additionally, the operators were able to leave the robin alone to nest in the other PetroXtractor.

PetroXtractor Oil Skimmer

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