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Customers Oil Skimming Requests Lead to New Products

Posted by Tom Hobson on Oct 17, 2014 4:01:54 AM

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We are always trying to develop new and better oil skimming technologies at Abanaki. We have a few new coolant maintenance products that will be announced late this year and early next year that we are eager for our customers to start using.

There have been a few Abanaki products that have been created due to the demands of customers. When customers need a customized oil skimming tool, they come to us and we create it. One of these examples is our MatBuster for the GreaseGrabber.

The MatBuster is a solution to the problem of unskimmable matted grease in wastewater pits that churns the water surface and breaks up matted grease, so the oil skimmer can operate more effectively. MatBuster has a zero maintenance design, consisting of stainless steel blades that mount to the tail pulley of the Grease Grabber. No separate motor or other moving parts are required. The MatBuster uses the energy created by the Grease Grabber's moving belt to 'chop' the grease mat into easily removable chunks. To see how it operates, watch the instructional animated video:

Abanaki Grease Grabber with Mat Buster from Abanaki on Vimeo.

This simple innovation is important to managers of steel or food production plants, where sometimes a thick layer of grease forms on the water in wastewater pits and sumps. Oil skimming makes use of differences in specific gravity and surface tension to separate oil from water. Floating matted grease, therefore, can interfere with oil skimmers used to cost-effectively reduce wastewater disposal costs and help meet government requirements for water discharge.

To learn more about the MatBuster or any of our oil skimming solutions, click the photo below.


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