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Coolant Maintenance Importance

Posted by Tom Hobson on Mar 27, 2014 4:22:36 AM

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Coolant maintenance should always be a top priority in shops. Dirty machine coolant can cause a multitude of problems for manufacturing facilities and CNC machines. Not using clean coolant can cause health issues in the workplace, reduce the life of the equipment used, and can significantly slow a process down. All of these factors lead to loss in production which leads to loss in profit for companies. And while recycling steel, aluminum, paper, and glass is readily accessible, recycling coolant is not. Additionally, the cost of recycling used coolant can be very expensive.

Our newest addition to our collection of infographics, the Coolant Recycling Infographic, demonstrates how our coolant skimming technologies and coolant skimming accessories can offer a low-cost, environmentally sound option of helping to cut costs of recycling used coolant. Abanaki's coolant maintenance line will keep your disposal costs low and your CNC machines running like new.

Coolant maintenance skimmers

Learn all about the benefits of recycling your coolant and improving your coolant maintenance practices, launch the infographic below!

Coolant Maintenance Infographic

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