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Coolant Maintenance Achieved for UK Manufacturer

Posted by Tom Hobson on Dec 19, 2013 5:10:19 AM

A UK manufacturer was in the market for a way to clean its coolant. An employee at the facility had been informed of the benefits of using the Abanaki Coolescer for coolant cleaning purposes. Plant operators decided to use the Coolescer on one of its machines that desperately needed its coolant cleaned. The approach was, if the Coolescer could clean this particular machine’s coolant, it could clean anything.

The Coolescer removes tramp and hard to pick up “grey” oils from machine tool coolants sumps, helping to eliminate “Monday morning” coolant odor. It also helps to eliminate the need for oil skimmers and manual labor involved in cleaning and recycling coolant. By pumping the top ¼” layer of coolant and oil through a coalescing cartridge, the oil is separated from the coolant. The now separated oil is then removed via the discharge valve and the cleaned coolant is aerated and pumped back to the coolant sump.

After running the Coolescer for roughly six consecutive weeks, the company claims the oil laden coolant in the machine it tested was almost brand new. Continued use of the Coolescer helped the facility to extend its coolant life, reduce disposal costs, eliminate any down time, improve tool life, and help prevent dermatitis.

For more information about the Coolescer or any other product from the coolant maintenance line, click the photo below!


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