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Choosing an Oil Skimmer – Part Five

Posted by Tom Hobson on Dec 26, 2013 5:04:31 AM

Choosing an oil skimmer best suited for your application will maximize oil removal while minimizing capital outlay and oil skimming operation costs. The fifth step in choosing an oil skimmer is determining if your application requires any additional add-ons, such as specific motor types or additional skimmer equipment. All Abanaki oil skimmers are designed with standard, industrially rated, continuous duty motors and fully enclosed speed reducing drives. Most of these oil skimmers can be specified with the following motor options:
- Any standard or exceptional electrical requirement
- Explosion proof
- Drip proof
- Tropicalized
- Dirty duty
- Food service
- Wash down duty
- DC motors
- ATEX/European motors

Abanaki accessories make it easy to customize your oil skimming system for quick installation and optimal performance. These are the most commonly requested items. More specialized accessories are available on request.
-Solar Oil Skimming System
The solar oil skimming option is ideal for locations that do not have access or have limited access to electricity. A 12V DC motor runs off a deep cycle battery that is recharged by the solar panel. Various 12V accessories are available as well.

-Transfer Package and Underground Oil Skimming System
This option is for applications in which the oil storage tank is far from the point of oil removal or for below ground applications. This turnkey system consists of a small collection tank, a pump, small control panel and three float switches. The oil that the oil skimmer picks up is deposited to the collection tank. When the collection tank is full, the middle float switch signals the pump to turn on. The oil is then pumped to your storage tank or facility for permanent removal or storage.

Abanaki offers a float switch and warning light combination to monitor fluid level in the skimmed oil collection drum, which helps prevent overflow. Other electrical options include timer, heater, and control panel. Abanaki also offers poly shelters and discreet secure enclosures as well as a variety of mounting options for the oil skimmer.

Abanaki Oil Concentrators® provide a secondary separation step after oil skimming to virtually eliminate water from skimmed product. Units are available for easy installation on most Abanaki oil skimmers.

For further inquiry on selecting the right oil skimmer for your application click the photo below. As always, the Abanaki sales team is here, ready and waiting to help you choose the right oil skimmer for your application.

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