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Matching an Oil Skimmer to the Application – Part 5 | Abanaki

Posted by Tom Hobson on May 27, 2020 10:25:58 AM

Sometimes called pumpless groundwater remediation systems, oil skimming is the lowest cost way to remove hydrocarbon contamination from groundwater. Oil skimming alone may clean water to acceptable levels or be used as a pre-filter treatment. It is the most inexpensive way to remove LNAPLs or DNAPLs.

Recovery/Monitoring Wells

Abanaki May 2020 BlogRemoving oil, fuel and other hydrocarbon liquid from wells can be more cost-effective using a belt skimmer instead of a down well pump. Oil skimmers don’t have nearly the maintenance issues and can reach depths of 100 feet or more, removing product despite fluctuating water tables. Oil skimmers can handle very thick fluids effortlessly and some (Abanaki PetroXtractor) can remove sinking DNAPL’s such as coal tar and creosote from water.

PETRX1_hi_resSolution: The Abanaki PetroXtractor® is a dependable and cost effective means of removing oil, fuel, and other floating hydrocarbons from water where access to the fluid surface is limited. It provides efficient remediation of groundwater contaminated by oil, using existing recovery and monitoring wells.

Alternative: PetroXtractor Solar Unit

Abanaki Corporation manufactures a wide variety of oil skimmers to meet any size application. From a small coolant tank in a CNC lathe to a scale pit in a steel mill, Abanaki Corporation can supply a skimmer to do the job. We manufacture skimmers that can remove 1 gallon per hour to 200 gallons per hour. We offer turnkey systems with variety of motors, heat options, stands, and oil concentrators. Learn more about the cost-effective oil skimming solutions Abanaki offers by visiting www.abanaki.com.

To learn more about oil skimmers, please contact our experts at 440-543-7400 or visit our website: www.abanaki.com

Abanaki PetroXtractor® in action:

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