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Posted by Tom Hobson on Jun 29, 2023 1:30:00 PM

Coolant oil skimmers typically don’t come attached to CNC machines when they are newly bought. This is because nobody wants to admit that the brand-new machine is eventually going to leak oil into the coolant. This looks good on paper, but there is a reason why so many coolant oil skimmers are bought annually.oil boss 5-Man Solutions of Minnesota 

CNC machines are bound to have at least a small amount of oil leaking into the coolant at some point. The skimmer will remove this oil from the top of the coolant for disposal. Without some type of coolant oil skimmer, the coolant life will be dramatically decreased. These small coolant oil skimmers will save you money throughout the operational life of your CNC machine.

The Crucial Role of Coolant Oil Skimmer on CNC Machine

A coolant oil skimmer plays a crucial role in enhancing the performance and longevity of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. These machines rely on coolant oil to lubricate and cool the cutting tools, which is essential for maintaining high precision and preventing damage due to excessive heat. However, coolant oil tends to become contaminated with various substances such as tramp oil, metal shavings, and debris during the machining process. This contamination can adversely affect the machining process, leading to reduced efficiency and increased maintenance requirements.

The implementation of a coolant oil skimmer effectively addresses this issue by efficiently removing the contaminants from the coolant oil. By removing tramp oil, which is the accumulated oil from leaking machine parts or hydraulic systems, the skimmer prevents the formation of a sticky residue on the workpiece, reducing the need for post-machining cleaning. This results in improved surface finish and higher product quality. Moreover, by removing metal shavings and debris, the skimmer helps prevent clogging of the coolant system, ensuring smooth coolant flow and minimizing the risk of tool damage.Oil Boss After - Kirsan-3

Additionally, a coolant oil skimmer contributes to cost savings and environmental sustainability. By efficiently separating tramp oil from the coolant, it extends the life of the coolant oil, reducing the frequency of coolant replacements and the associated costs. Moreover, the skimmer aids in the recycling and reusing of the separated tramp oil, minimizing waste generation and promoting environmental conservation. Overall, the benefits of a coolant oil skimmer on CNC machines include improved machining performance, reduced maintenance requirements, enhanced product quality, cost savings, and a more sustainable manufacturing process.

Different Types of Coolant Oil Skimmers

There are several different types of coolant oil skimmers available for CNC machines, each with its own unique design and method of operation.

  1. Belt Skimmers: Belt skimmers consist of a continuous belt that is immersed in the coolant. The belt attracts and collects the floating oil as it passes through the coolant, and then the oil is scraped off the belt and collected in a separate container.
  2. Disk Skimmers: Disk skimmers utilize a rotating disk that is partially submerged in the coolant. The disk's surface tension attracts the oil, which is then scraped off the disk and collected for removal.
  3. Tube Skimmers: Tube skimmers employ a hollow tube or suction head that is inserted into the coolant. The oil is drawn up through the tube by a vacuum or suction mechanism, separating it from the coolant, and then it is transferred to a collection container.

Each type of coolant oil skimmer has its advantages and is suitable for different applications based on factors such as the type of coolant used, the volume of oil to be removed, and the specific requirements of the CNC machine.

How to Choose an Oil Skimmer for Machine Coolant

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