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Bill Clinton-era Skimmers Still in Use 20 Years Later

Posted by Tom Hobson on Mar 29, 2018 8:45:00 AM

Lasco Fittings, Inc., a global leader in pipe fittings for Irrigation/Golf, Plumbing, Pool/Spa, and Industrial customers, maintains a 26-acre manufacturing facility in Brownsville, Tennessee.  Hundreds of different parts with multiple manufacturing processes are created at their extensive facility.Rosemont-3628-Tote-It-application-photo-21-234x300.jpg

Oil plays a vital, yet bothersome and dirty role in their production.  This is where Abanaki Corporation entered the picture for them, as it has for thousands of manufacturers worldwide. 

Tote It (2).jpgAccording to Ryan Hilliard, Maintenance Supervisor for Lasco Fittings, 10 Abanaki 2-inch Tote-It oil skimmers were purchased in 1999.  “Our (manufacturing) machines leak oil into this 110-foot long, 6-foot deep pit.  Our skimmers are permanently mounted on the end of this pit and run 24/7 with very little trouble.” 

Lasco periodically inspects and maintains the units, ensuring that the Abanaki skimmers keep the company running with cost-saving, manufacturing-enhancing, and environmentally-compliant benefits.

Abanaki oil skimmers extend the life of parts washers while also making them more efficient — by ending recontamination of parts.  Abanaki skimmers have actively served for nearly two decades for a high-quality manufacturer like Lasco Fittings, Inc., and they certainly can for you.  Are your parts washers working efficiently?

For further inquiry on Tote-It oil skimmer click below. As always, the Abanaki sales team is here, ready and waiting to help you choose the right oil skimmer for your application.

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