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Abanaki Oil Skimmers: Not a “One and Done” Deal

Posted by Tom Hobson on Apr 26, 2018 9:45:00 AM

Many customers have come to realize that, when they purchase an oil skimmer from Abanaki, it is not a “one and done” deal.  Although the rugged construction of all of Abanaki’s oil skimmers assures a long-lasting, beneficial product, proper maintenance is important.

Periodically, we send customers parts diagrams and lists for their specific skimmer—providing a gentle reminder that even the most durable products require certain maintenance checks.  And, yes, many wise customers, such as Lasco Fittings of Tennessee, are still operating skimmers purchased two decades ago due to their vigilant maintenance program.

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This “constant contact” relationship with our customers is intended to build a partnership for solving oil skimming challenges. People value being a phone call or an email away from an expert who can troubleshoot their coolant maintenance, parts washers, industrial, and groundwater remediation applications.  Oil skimming, for the most part, is simple and needs very little follow-up.  Yet, when the need arises, questions about routine maintenance and unique applications require a partner with over a half a century of experience. Our customers know they can trust us to be here.

Customers and customer loyalty mean a great deal to us. In fact, about 90% (check this assertion) of our sales are to repeat customers. The initial sale is not the end of the relationship; it is the beginning.

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